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Futsal Indoor Soccer League/Registration Is Now Open for Session #2  

The Montana Rush Futsal Soccer Indoor League consists of two six-week indoor soccer sessions. The sessions are divided into age groups. You can register for one or 2 sessions. Families that register for 4 or more indoor programs will receive a 25% discount after attending the 4th program. Montana Rush also is offering an additional discount for those that register for both winter skills training and a futsal program.
 Follow the links below for the correct age group to register for indoor soccer.    
Session 1 will be held from November 12th to January 11th
Session 2 will be held from January 21st to March 8th .  Registration closes January 16th. 

Looking for the Winter Adult Leagues registrations? Adult League Winter Registration is now closed.

         Futsal Session #1 - November 12th to January 11th  Session One Futsal Programs Are Now Closed 
Futsal Session #2 - January 21st to March 1st. 

                                           Futsal Session #2 Ages 9-11  Has been cancelled. Please register for the skills session for this age group .The link is below to                                                  register for the skills session .

                                           Futsal Session #2  Ages 12-14

                                           Futsal Session #2 High School Age


The Futsal indoor soccer facility building is located at the 
Trades & Industries Building at MT ExpoPark, 400 3rd St. N.W., Great Falls, MT 59404.

All teams are ‘Co-Ed’ and of mixed ages (U9-U11, U12-U14, & U15-U19) and skill/experience (balanced as much as is possible without evaluations!).

Schedule is as follows.  Winter 2018/19 season 

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1:00 High School Skills
Open Training


University of Providence


5:30 9-11 yr old skills
12-14 yr old skills
9-11 yr old skills
12-14 yr old skills
6:00 Adult
6:30 12-14 yr old skills  12-14 yr old futsal112-14 yr old skills 12-14 yr old futsal
7:00 Adult League Drop-in
7:30 High School Skills
High School Skills
High School Futsal
High School Futsal
8:30 University of Providence Adult Adult  Adult
9:00   League 


Please contact the Club Administrator at [email protected]  if you require further details, or have any questions!

Montana Rush Winter Training Series Session #2 Now Open for Registration 

Montana Rush is excited to open for registration our  Rush Winter Training Series. These 6-week sessions will be offered to all players ages 9-14 and will include a comprehensive curriculum developed by the series instructors. Winter skills is designed to advance Montana Rush Players, hence the program is only open to Montana Rush Registered players at this time.

The second session will run from Jan 21-March 1.
9-11 year old's  Winter Skills Training
will be held Mondays/Wednesdays 5:30-6:60
12-14 year old's Winter Skills Training will be held Tuesdays/Thursdays
5:30-6:30 Space is limited to 30 per age group.
Registration for each program must be completed for each program.  
  The training sessions will be held at   The Trades and Industries Building located at Montana  Expo Park
Coaches for the training sessions are college level and above coaches. Montana Rush strives to bring you the best training available by following The Rush Curriculum, to prepare you for the spring competitive season.
Registration closes on January 16th or when full.  

All players must wear shin guards to participate in any Montana Rush Programs.



Follow the links below for your age group
Fees for Skills Training is $75

If you participate in both skills and futsal, the futsal fee is reduced to $50
Winter Training  Session #2  Ages 9-11

Winter Training Session #2 Ages 12-14

Winter Training Session #2 High School

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Indoor Soccer | Futsal Rules

Indoor Soccer | Futsal Rules


(a)  Futsal rules apply to field play (open & league), except where they conflict with the following rules (b) through (i).

(b)  We do not allow play off the walls.  There is a clearly marked touchline on both sides of the field that will be used for determining out of play.

(c)  No slide tackles are allowed in the facility.

(d)  Offsides rules do not apply in league or tournament play.

(e)  Goal kicks may be taken from anywhere within the marked goal box.  If a goal kick travels beyond center line before touching a player (either team) or before touching the field, an indirect free kick is awarded to the defensive team at center line.

(f)  If the ball goes out of play at the touchlines, the last team to touch the ball loses possession & the ball is returned to play with a “kick-in” (no throw-ins)

(g)  If a goalkeeper throws the ball beyond centerline before touching a player or before touching the field, the defensive team is awarded the ball at centerline.

(h)  If the ball touches the ceiling netting, the last team to touch the ball loses possession and the opposing team is awarded an indirect kick from the spot of the net touch.

(i)  Play resumes with an indirect kick from the spot of the infraction after fouls, handballs, or other infractions.


We are fortunate to have a club that maintains an indoor facility & offers league & open play.  In return, the club expects players to play with fairness, respect for other players, & respect for the rules.

We rely on fairness by all players in judging out of bounds, possession on “out of bounds”, “hand-ball” calls, fouls, keeper possession of ball, etc.

Please help keep your teammates under control in the event emotions are taking over.

ANY player, spectator, or parent will be removed from the facility if they become:

  • verbally or physically abusive towards any club representative (administrator/coach/assistant)
  • verbally or physically abusive towards another spectator/player

If the person is refuses to leave, police will be called.


(a)  During league play teams will use registered players only.

(b) All participants in games & warm-ups must have read & signed (including electronically at sign-up) the facility waiver prior to entry to the field.

  • All players must be registered with the club for league play – No exceptions.
  • A player may only play for one team during league play, unless permission to transfer teams is granted by the club.

(c) Teams will be allowed to register a maximum of 11 players.

  • 3 Points for a win

1 Point for a tie

0 Points for a loss

  • For all games, any goals scored by one team that exceed by a margin greater than five (5) will not count for “goal differential” tabulation in league standing tie breakers.
  • There shall be no overtime in any league game.
  • Games shall consist of 2 x 25 minute halves, There will be a running clock.  No clock stoppages.

(c)  League games to terminate at the end of regulation time.


The following tie breaking rules will be used to determine final standing where two or more teams are tied on points for season standings purposes.

  • Previous Match Results – the most points gained in the match(es) between the teams concerned shall be used to determine the final standing.
  • Goal Difference – for any teams still tied, by deducting goals against from goals for, in all games, the highest goal difference shall be used to determine the final standings.
  • Fewest Goals Conceded – for any teams still tied, the fewest goals conceded, in all games, shall be used to determine the final standings.

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