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Due to the increased need for volunteers at MT Rush Soccer, we have in place a volunteer policy. Modeled by other clubs throughout the state, we are requiring each Rush family to submit a check for $300 at the beginning of the competitive season for each player. Checks will be given to your manager at the beginning of the season.
Competitive league players/families are required to volunteer 15 hours for the spring season and 10 hours for the fall season per. player. Maximum hours required per family is 30 for spring and 20 for fall seasons. 
Checks will be destroyed upon receiving your documented hours; if a volunteer log sheet is not turned in your check will be deposited. Volunteer log sheets must be mailed to PO Box 1648 Great Falls, MT 59403   Emailed forms will not be accepted. 
Montana Rush Appreciates All Our Volunteers 
Volunteer Spots Available   click here 
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As always, we encourage your participation!

MT Rush relies on the active participation of all of its members and families. The club has implemented a Volunteer Policy.  In order to keep our costs down and help our club run successfully, we ask that each of our families volunteer a minimum number of hours. Our club operates actively throughout the Fall Soccer season which includes recreational league and competitive league. Indoor Soccer season in the winter,  and throughout our Spring Soccer season.  There are more opportunities to fulfill your family volunteer commitment than just within your child’s season. Recreational soccer has a : 5 hour  requirement per player (if receiving financial assistance).

MT Rush:Spring 15-hour requirement per player; 30 hours maximum per family; additional 10 hours for families on fee assistance. for spring competitive league 
MT Rush Fall  10 hour requirement per player 20 hours maximum per family; additional 5 hours for families on fee assistance for fall competitive season 

Examples of some volunteer opportunities. This is not a closed list, there are other opportunities available.

  • Coach (If selected by DOC)
  • Assistant Coach (If selected by DOC)
  • Manager
  • Referee (at least 1 per team)
  • Concessions
  • Gate Attendants for High School game
  • Field Marshals (Needed for every home game, also for games that are Non-Rush games) 
  • Field Maintenance (Weeding, mowing, painting field lines prior to games, flower bed upkeep, etc.)
  • Indoor Season Set Up & Tear Down
  • Active Participant Committee Member

Please print and complete the volunteer hour log and return to your team manager or mail by June 30 to: Montana Rush Soccer Club     P.O. Box 1648      Great Falls, MT 59403

 Description of Volunteer Positions:

Concessions: (ALWAYS in need of help!) May include any of the following:

  • Serving food to customers
  • Setting up before first shift/Cleaning up after last shift
  • Grilling food
  • Driving the Concession Cart
  • Re-Stocking supplies
  • Emptying Garbage's

Field Maintenance:

  • The week leading up to your home game you are required to do the following:
  1. Trash pickup. Each team that is playing on the fields that coming Sat. is required to pick up trash during the week.
  2. Consult with the complex manager if other duties need to be done. Such as painting of the fields or goal maintenance.
  • Mowing
  • Weed Pulling
  • Painting Lines

These tasks are to help keep our complex looking great at all times. These can be done by the players with the exception of the field marshals,

Referees (2 per team): For the latest referee news click HERE

Field Marshals:

  • Two field marshals per home team per game must be represented
  • Monitor the field for unruly behavior
  • Pick up garbage (please bring small garbage bags)
  • Direct teams, referees, and spectators as needed
  • Enforce the complex rules (ie: no dogs unless identified as a service animal, smoking, alcohol)
  • Wear a vest located in concessions.
  • Introduce yourself to the referees and inform them you will be on the game if you are needed.
  • Be social–don’t be afraid to initiate a conversation with spectators.

Indoor Season Set Up & Tear Down:

  • Help roll out the carpet before indoor season begins, set up equipment 
  • Help roll up carpet mid-season due Expo Park special event
  • Help roll out the carpet after Expo Park special event
  • Help roll up carpet when season is over, assist with storage and equipment removal.
  • Help maintain indoor facility cleanliness by vacuuming on a weekly basis.

Tournament Volunteers 
   . Help with parking, collecting fees and directing traffic
   . Help with referee food
   . Help with keeping the pavilion clean (bathrooms and surrounding area)
   . Help set up tents
   . Help your team to complete their required tasks.

 The above suggestions are not all inclusive of volunteer opportunities with your club.

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Montana Rush Soccer Club

P.O. Box 1648 
Great Falls, Montana 59403

Email Us: [email protected]
Phone : 406-231-6333
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